Technical Product Manager

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


At Pusher, we’re looking for someone who has a deep passion for developer products. We believe the world needs more software, and more of it can be distributed and packaged as APIs. We want you to help us do this.

We divide our engineering teams into small “Raiding Parties” who explore new ideas for products. We’re looking for technically-minded product managers to lead these products through customer development and eventual success as part of a larger portfolio we are creating.


To be considered for this role we are looking for people who are:

Is this you?

We’re looking for people who can run the gamut: from seeking out problems to be solved; to articulating a potential solution; leading a small team towards an MVP; and finally evolving the product and objectively stating its success or failure.

You will be supporting the work of the teams by producing the user-facing documentation; user stories; early marketing materials; wireframing dashboard information architecture and designing user surveys.

You’ll have to be technical enough to build websites and small applications to “dog food” the products your team will be building. You’ll need enough technical credibility to guide highly technical teams.

You’ll understand and be enthusiastic about Customer Development and The Lean Startup. You’ll understand agile working practices like Scrum and Kanban. In all these things you will not be dogmatic. We’re adherents of the phrase “strong opinions, loosely held”. This role epitomises this sentiment.

Pusher is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity and inclusion at our company. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

What Pusher is like

We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. It is our belief that this not only provides a better working environment but also improves the quality of the products we produce.

We value cooperation and knowledge sharing. It is our goal to provide an environment were everyone can continue to learn and grow every day.

Our customers are developers and our mission is to make their lives easier by solving some of the hard technical challenges for them.

As the demand for software grows, we believe that this will greatly improve their productivity and in turn increase the quality of the apps we all use on a daily basis.


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