Product Engineer (Full Stack)

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering · PE


Product Engineers turn our resilient platform into products that make our customers feel like they have superpowers.


Pusher is a communication layer for application developers that routes data at scale and in realtime.

The current core Pusher product is a multi-tenant distributed system that allows our customers to deliver tens of billions of messages to their connected users. We operate at mind-boggling scale, and this informs and affects everything we do.

We want to improve the lives of other developers by solving hard problems for them, and by freeing them from operating and maintaining their own infrastructure. We’re passionate about developer experience and making our APIs as easy to use as we can.

What you will be doing

Pusher is a challenging but supportive environment. We want you to get involved with as much of our engineering lifecycle as possible. Your typical week might involve the following...


We’re a polyglot engineering team, and we value using the right tool for the job over sticking to a single technology. As a Product Engineer you'll likely be writing a fair amount of JavaScript for product prototyping and contributing to an awesome developer experience, but you'll also help to maintain our open source integration libraries.

We also believe in using existing technologies wherever we can.


You should expect to spend some of your time at Pusher designing new features and reviewing other people’s ideas.

On our core product, you will influence how our APIs are designed, and work with the rest of the team to bring new features to life. You may also take ownership of some of our integration libraries, and develop them further. You'll also be bringing the developer experience front and centre, though you don't have to be a UI or UX expert (we have friendly front-end engineers to help you with this).

The Pusher engineering team continually works on exploratory ideas for new products, and we want you to contribute. We believe that great things emerge from small empowered teams unencumbered by too many outside opinions. We make sure engineers have the tools and time to explore new ideas and focus on novel solutions.


What have you done?

What are you like?

What would be even better?

Pusher is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity and inclusion at our company. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.


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