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Pusher’s realtime APIs power applications around the world across many industries. When you see an in-app chat, a collaborative text editor, or anything else that updates instantly from category-leading brands like Lyft, DoorDash and the New York Times — Pusher is shifting events behind the scenes.

As an Engineering Manager at Pusher, you will be responsible for leading a team tasked with delivering our flagship product, Channels. You will be expected to implement and improve processes that enable the team to efficiently deliver a reliable, scalable, and robust world-class product.

You will take a place on the Engineering Leadership team, where you will work alongside other Engineering Managers to ensure that all teams are collaborating effectively and efficiently towards company goals. Partnering closely with a Product Manager, your talents, energy, and time will be divided among core responsibilities such as, coordinating backlogs and iterations; mentoring and guiding the team to become as effective as possible; growing the team through recruitment; and developing the current team using our career framework.

What you will typically do

Reporting to the VP of Engineering, your focus will be on managing and leading a multi-disciplinary team of engineers who build a product used by thousands of our customers. We would like you to:

What you will be able to learn

Engineering Managers never stop learning, so we want to provide you opportunities for improving your knowledge. Pusher solves complex problems at a massive scale. You will learn how to build a product that supports thousands of our customers and, subsequently, the hundreds of thousands of their end-users.

Many challenges will require you to lean on the team’s experience to provide suitable solutions. We strive for continual improvement and hold weekly knowledge sharing sessions in order for the entire company to grow together. We provide a training/conference budget as a resource to keep your skills sharp and accelerate your personal growth and development.

What working on the Engineering Team looks like

Engineering and Product work hand-in-hand to produce a roadmap that delivers to Pusher’s goals and objectives. Initial planning is centralised to allow alignment among all the product teams and supporting departments, such as Marketing. Short-term planning is handled within the product team, using whatever tooling best suits their workflow.

The key element for Pusher is continually delivering value to our customers. How the teams want to manage this objective is largely for the teams to decide. We hire smart people and give them the tools and space to make the right choices.


What you are like


What Pusher is like

We are in an extended phase of change and growth: after a period of success as a smaller company, we are learning how to be a successful global company. This process is challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and invigorating, often all at the same time! We are trying to do very big things — at the end of the day, we want to help hundreds of thousands of developers who will impact hundreds of millions of users.

We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. For us, diversity means “difference” and inclusion means “making the differences work together” – and the result is a company that strives to practice consistently high levels of belonging. Inclusivity provides a better working environment for all, improves the quality of our services, and positively impacts outcomes. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, orientations, ages, abilities, and perspectives.

We are here to help our customers build delightful applications. By solving significant engineering challenges and packaging them into easy to use APIs, we let developers focus on making their users happy. We believe the growing demand for software will greatly improve developer productivity and, in turn, increase the quality of the apps we all use on a daily basis.

We put emphasis on collaboration between people and teams. Everyone is on the same mission, so sharing work helps us reach our goals faster. We strive for transparency. Keeping everyone well-informed is crucial for building trust, efficiency, and satisfaction at work.

What Pusher provides

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