Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


Pusher’s realtime APIs power applications around the world across many industries. When you see an in-app chat, a collaborative text editor, or anything else that updates instantly from category-leading brands like Lyft, DoorDash and the New York Times — Pusher is shifting events behind the scenes.

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer you will look after the foundation that powers these services. You will maintain and improve the Kubernetes clusters that host them as well as the automation and tooling that provision the cloud infrastructure underneath. The mission is to provide a reliable platform that scales to millions of concurrent connections as well as help product teams to release new software efficiently and safely.

To this end you will both introduce existing tools into the stack as well as help write our own where none exist.

What working as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer looks like

What will you do?

Your responsibilities will include such things as:

What will you learn?

In the fast-moving Kubernetes ecosystem, we are always learning and always adapting to new developments. As part of the team, you will be able to:


What Pusher is like

We are in an extended phase of change and growth: after a period of success as a smaller company, we are learning how to be a successful global company. This process is challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and invigorating, often all at the same time! We are trying to do very big things — at the end of the day, we want to help hundreds of thousands of developers who will impact hundreds of millions of users.

We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. For us, diversity means “difference” and inclusion means “making the differences work together” – and the result is a company that strives to practice consistently high levels of belonging. Inclusivity provides a better working environment for all, improves the quality of our services, and positively impacts outcomes. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, orientations, ages, abilities, and perspectives.

We are here to help our customers build delightful applications. By solving significant engineering challenges and packaging them into easy to use APIs, we let developers focus on making their users happy. We believe the growing demand for software will greatly improve developer productivity and, in turn, increase the quality of the apps we all use on a daily basis.

We put emphasis on collaboration between people and teams. Everyone is on the same mission, so sharing work helps us reach our goals faster. We strive for transparency. Keeping everyone well-informed is crucial for building trust, efficiency, and satisfaction at work.

What Pusher provides

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