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Pusher’s realtime APIs power applications around the world. When you see an app with a chat feature, a collaborative text editor, or anything else that updates instantly—it could be us shifting events behind the scenes.

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will work in a small sub-team to prototype new features in two week “spikes”. You will iterate on successful ones with customers in order to bring them to v1. You will have strong ownership over these features and have opportunities to blog/talk about them publicly. You will use your experience shipping these features to help prioritise new features and shape our roadmap.

To give you a sense of our scale:

  • Pusher serves 250,000 developers across 170 countries,
  • We handle several millions of concurrent connections,
  • Our customers have published over 10 trillion messages via Channels.

What you will typically do

Software Engineers do many things, but most of your responsibilities fall into the following categories:

  • Shaping the future technical strategy of the product.
  • Mentoring and developing more junior members of the team.
  • Contributing to the full feature lifecycle: ideation, prototyping, releasing, iteration, maturation, sunsetting, etc.
  • Prototyping new features, for example, we would like to show our latency and uptime on customer-facing pages, e.g. in the dashboard and on our status pages.
  • Helping to refine our product development process itself. We want to turn the feature development pipeline into a well-oiled machine.
  • Helping customers successfully integrate Channels into their apps.
  • Participating in our on-call rota supporting our operational reliability targets including uptime and latency.
  • Helping grow the team by participating in recruitment planning and interviewing.

What you will be able to learn

Great software engineers never stop learning, so we want to provide you with opportunities for improving your knowledge. As a Senior Backend Engineer:

  • You will solve difficult problems, handling the scale that we operate at, serving such a wide range of use cases and devices is a challenge
  • You will have a chance to learn from many experienced engineers with various technical backgrounds
  • You will help take Pusher’s products through a period of significant growth, encountering many unique engineering challenges along the way

What tech do we use in the Channels team

We use a wide range of tools and products including languages such as Ruby and Go. Ansible and Puppet for infrastructure management. Jenkins for our CI pipeline. Open source tools such as MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Beanstalkd, etcd all running on Linux and AWS/Heroku. We advocate using whatever is best suited for the task at hand.

What working in the Channels team looks like

  • The Channels team is highly autonomous. Like other engineering teams at Pusher, the Channels team gets plenty of freedom to choose what to build and how.
  • The Channels team subscribes to the lean methodology. We work in short iterations with as little bureaucracy as possible. We value continuous improvement.
  • The Channels team defaults to using third-party solutions for non-strategic problems. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with maintenance, so we only solve the most important problems in house.
  • We work at a huge scale. This is embraced and not feared. We understand the need to work iteratively and prioritise action.
  • We show empathy towards our colleagues and customers. We give to others without expecting reciprocation.
  • We are authentic in our communication and actions while considering the emotional impact on others. We value wrong decisions over no decisions, we can disagree and commit.
  • We are prepared to change our approach. We evolve and improve over time and change the way we do things to match the context.

What Pusher is like

We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. They not only provide a better working environment but also improve the quality of our services. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

We are here to help our customers build delightful applications. By solving significant engineering challenges and packaging them into easy to use APIs, we let developers focus on making their users happy.

We put emphasis on collaboration between people and teams. Everyone is on the same mission, so sharing work helps us reach our goals faster. Throwing problems over the wall and pointing fingers at each other is not our style.

We strive for transparency. Keeping everyone well-informed is crucial for building trust, efficiency and satisfaction at work.


What Pusher provides

  • Pension (up to 4% matching)
  • Private Healthcare Insurance (including Dental & Optical, after completing Probation)
  • A choice of laptop, monitor and peripherals
  • Learning allowance
  • 25 days annual leave + 3 days between Christmas and New Year when the office is closed
  • Free breakfast, fresh fruit, soft drinks, tea, high-quality freshly-ground coffee, and snacks
  • Massages and yoga in the office
  • Regular office social events
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